Books and articles on philosophical issues relating to aid
With links to summaries on Philosophy Summaries, another project by the creator of this site
The Limits of Morality by Shelly Kagan (1991) – Amazon link; summary
The Rejection of Consequentialism by Samuel Scheffler (1994) – Amazon link; summary
Living High and Letting Die by Peter Unger (1996) – Amazon link; summary
Moral Demands in Nonideal Theory by Liam Murphy (2000) – Amazon link; summary
The Demands of Consequentialism by Tim Mulgan (2001) – Amazon link; summary
"Beneficence, Duty, and Distance" by Richard Miller (2004)
The Moral Demands of Affluence by Garrett Cullity (2006) – Amazon link
The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer (2010) – Amazon link
The Most Good You Can Do by Peter Singer (2015) – Amazon link

Arthur Ward's "Academic Ice-Bucket Lesson Plan"